Responsible business

Doing business responsibly is a fundamental part of meeting stakeholder expectations on business ethics, managing risks and ensuring that we contribute to societal development where we operate.

As a multi-national ICT company we face major challenges related to corruption and business ethics, how and from who we purchase, freedom of expression and surveillance privacy, how we keep our customers’ data safe, and more. We are committed to Responsible Business to manage these challenges and to meet stakeholders’ increasing expectations. By doing these things right we turn risks to opportunities and create positive changes in the societies where we operate.

We also directly and indirectly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions.

Our Responsible Business work focuses on seven areas, managed through implementation of our compliance framework. The framework consists of eight elements founded on a responsible leadership. It is designed to adhere to international standards and is based on prevent, detect and investigate principles.

Compliance framework

Compliance framwork

Implementation of the compliance framework is monitored by the Group Ethics & Compliance Office, with regular reporting to Group Executive Management and the Board of Directors.