Anti-bribery and corruption

We are committed to fighting corruption in all of its forms and to do business with the highest sense of transparency and integrity. We do not accept bribery or corruption in any form.

Ambitions 2022 goals

Business conduct based on zero tolerance of corruption

Employees and partners understand and enforce our anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) requirements and are confident in raising concerns

An ABC program designed to effectively detect and prevent corruption and violations of anti-corruption laws

Demonstrate compliance with ABC requirements, and assurance of sufficient risk mitigation of corruption risks

Robust framework for effective reporting, investigation and remediation of misconduct and corrupt practices

Regular ABC training for employees and third parties in roles with a high corruption risk exposure


Some of our markets are among the most challenging in the world to do business in due to bribery and corruption. In addition, the telecommunications industry is exposed to a high risk of corruption. Remediating these issues requires extensive work with analyzing risks, investigating potential fraud and corruption schemes, training employees and building a culture where no one is afraid of speaking up when they see potential or actual corrupt practices.

Our approach

This focus area is governed by the Group Policy - Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Our anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) program is the tool to ensure compliance with laws and ethical standards and to manage the risk of corruption and unethical business practices, It is based on our compliance framework and includes the key elements of an effective compliance program and adequate procedures as set forth in the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and the UK Bribery Act Adequate Procedures. The program allows us to understand and manage risks and contextual challenges through risk awareness and training, control mechanisms and clear processes. The ABC program is managed by the group ethics and compliance office, which is responsible for the program design and annual plan as well as follow-up and reporting. Program implementation is the responsibility of local line organizations as well as group functions, with strong support from the ethics and compliance network. Telia Company’s Board, Group Executive Management and chief ethics and compliance officer oversee the progress and governance related to implementation of the program.

More information can be found in our Annual and Sustainability Report.