Health and well-being

To create the right health and well-being culture, our approach consists of promoting good health, identifying and reducing or preventing risks and rapidly reacting to ill health.

Ambition 2017 progress 2018 goals

A health and well-being culture that supports our people promise: Home to your next big opportunity

LTIF: 0.30 (0.36)

SAR: 2.4 percent (2.4)

No fatal accidents (0)

Operations in Azerbaijan, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway and Uzbekistan OHSAS 18001 certified 

Engagement index: 81 percent (80)

Lost-Time Injury Frequency(LTIF) maximum 0.52 

Sickness Absence Rate2 (SAR) maximum 1.9 percent 

No fatal accidents 

OHSAS 18001 implemented in all major companies 

Engagement index3: 83 percent

1) Total number of lost-time injuries per million possible working hours.
2) Total number of hours of sickness absence per possible working hours (full-year average).
3) Engagement index (employee commitment, team engagement and customer orientation) score from the annual Purple Voice employee survey. 


Injuries, absenteeism, and work-related fatalities
            2017          2016 
Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) Sickness Absence Rate (SAR) LTIF
SAR (%) LTIF SAR (%)
Continuing operations 0.36 2.5 0.42 2.6
Discontinued operations 0.00 1.5 0.10 1.5
Total 0.30 2.4 0.36 2.4



The major health and well-being risks – road safety, working at heights and electrical work – relate to network construction and maintenance, work that is generally carried out by contractors. Telia Company employees work mainly in offices or retail environments where risks relate mainly to psychosocial well-being and ergonomics.

Our approach

This focus area is governed by the Group policy – Occupational Health and Safety.

Our approach consists of promoting good health, identifying and reducing or preventing risks and rapidly reacting to ill health. Our policies and instructions include safety measures and requirements for our employees, contractors and sub-contractors regardless of work environment. As suppliers face health and safety risks, our aim is to have the Supplier code of conduct, which includes health and safety requirements, included in all construction, installation and maintenance agreements. OHS processes are reviewed during on-site audits of the contractors.

We adopt a structured management approach by implementing OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. Telia in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and Norway are OHSAS 18001 certified.

More information can be found in our Annual and Sustainability Report.