Health and well-being

To create the right health and well-being culture, our approach consists of promoting good health, identifying and reducing or preventing risks and rapidly reacting to ill health.


Our employees generally work in offices and retail environments where health risks relate mainly to mental well-being and ergonomics. Our biggest challenges relate to ensuring that employees experience work-life balance and sufficient recovery between intense work periods. Significant health and safety risks such as working at heights or doing electrical work relate to network construction and maintenance, activities that are generally carried out by contractors.

Our approach

This focus area is governed by the Group policy – People .

Health and well-being are the foundation for a great employee experience. The objective of our health and well-being agenda is to ensure that all Telia Company employees perform at their best in their everyday work. This necessitates a safe and healthy workplace and ways of working based on flexibility and work-life balance.  

Local companies use a common health and well-being model that aims to create a safe workplace and promote a good work-life balance. The model includes:

  • A continuous improvement approach to occupational health and safety through the use of the ISO 45001 management system standard
  • Group-wide digital health and well-being activities
  • Preventive actions such as risk assessments and employee surveys
  • Health and well-being included in regular performance check-ins between managers and employees
  • Health and well-being training for all managers

To mitigate the risk of incidents at suppliers working for us, we include the Supplier Code of Conduct in all agreements, promote open communication and reporting from suppliers and carry out on-site audits. Telia Company’s whistle-blowing tool, Speak-Up Line, is available for third parties such as contractors in all markets to report incidents.

More information can be found on pages 74-75 in the Annual and Sustainability Report.