Responsible tax practices

Transparent, fair, and ethical tax practices form part of Telia’s basis for business operations. Telia works according to internal control procedures, such as our Group tax instruction, and complies with local legislation and internationally accepted principles, to pay the amount of taxes legally due in any territory.

Corporate income taxes paid, by country 2019-2021

In addition to corporate income tax payments, Telia generates billions of SEK in other tax payments throughout its footprint. The total tax contribution in 2021, including both taxes borne and taxes collected, amounted to SEK 19.3 billion (19.1).

Total tax contribution

Total tax contrib 2018.png

2) If a Telia entity was in a recovery position regarding VAT or other indirect taxes, this would reduce the total amount of net VAT paid. The net VAT paid, or the total tax contribution as such, does not capture our irrecoverable VAT.

More information can be found on page 118 in the 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report.