Ett hälsosamt och säkert samhälle

Vi stödjer ett hälsosamt och säkert samhälle genom uppkopplad teknik.

Ett hälsosamt och säkert samhälle

Tillförlitliga och kostnadseffektiva e-hälsolösningar för Sveriges åldrande befolkning

Sveriges befolkning lever längre, och vill ha kontroll över sina liv. Bättre digitala hälsolösningar låter fler människor bo kvar säkert hemma, även när deras hälsa försämras. Som del av lösningen till de ökande kostnaderna för sjuk- och äldrevård har Telia lanserat en e-hälsoplattform. Inom plattformen utvecklas digitala vårdtjänster som ökar säkerheten och bekvämligheten för användare, patienter och anhöriga, samtidigt som det minskar kostnaderna för offentlig sektor. Enkelt uttryckt möjliggörs bättre vård och ett bättre liv genom att koppla samman vårdtagare och vårdgivare. ”Vår vision är att förbättra tillgången till vårdtjänster, och i förlängningen livskvalitet, genom rätt teknik. Detta möjliggör mer service på rätt nivå, vilket gynnar både individer och kommuner,” säger Niklas Sundler, ansvarig för Telia Healthcare.

Talk nice – changing the online attitude in Denmark

Has the tone of the public discourse become too aggressive? 77% of the Danish population feels so. Call me, one of Telia Company’s subsidiaries in Denmark, decided to challenge this situation by starting a nation-wide debate around the theme “Is verbal abuse spreading like a disease?” and launched the “Talk nice” campaign complemented by “Kindness costs nothing”. The initiative is a great example of how creating societal value is good for business.

"The Talk nice campaign started off in 2012 as an external expression of Call me’s internal trust strategy, a purpose driven strategy and culture. The campaign generated a nationwide media storm, as the debate around verbal abuse and courtesy online exploded.

“It was amazing how it all exploded! There was a massive movement with thousands of people taking the online pledge, national TV stations picked up the subject from different angles and the Ministry of Education expressed their wish to use the campaign in exams,” says Anthony Lim, Sales and Marketing Director at Call me. “Students created more than 700 films on the films on the subject.”

Not only did the campaign create massive media and online attention, it also gave Call me’s employees and brand a set of profound values to stand behind. Employee loyalty and commitment is higher than ever.

Call me now attracts high value partners, who come to ask for partnerships.

“A great example is Mikkel Hansen, the second best handball player in the world, who came to Call me with a request to start a union against bullying together”, says Anthony Lim proudly.

Call me now attracts new customers who see the value in the message of being good to each other. They stand by Call me’s values and recommend the operator more than ever. During the four years that the campaign has been running the subscriber base has grown by 50%, buyer preference increased by 260% and customer loyalty by 24%. The rate of recommendation among customers has doubled.

“It has been difficult to measure the exact effect of the tone of the public discourse. We are still looking into that. But we strongly believe that we build social value for the future, by bringing forward the coolness of a nicer tone in the schools”, Anthony concludes.

There are also expectations on even higher impact on the business in the coming years, as Call me has attracted new, highly trusted partners.