Responsible sourcing

We expect our suppliers, sub-suppliers and distributors to implement sustainable business practices and to be transparent about their challenges. Choosing suppliers with good sustainability practices is a way for us to positively influence our supply chain.


Telia Company relies on a vast number of suppliers and sub-suppliers, many of which are located in countries or industries with challenges in upholding ethical business practices, human and labor rights, health and safety and environmental protection. Despite solid responsible sourcing practices, the risk remains that suppliers and sub-suppliers do not comply with our sustainability, security and quality requirements.

Our approach

Responsible sourcing starts with setting the expectations for our suppliers, primarily through the Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Security Directive. We use a risk-based process where suppliers are categorized based on, for example, the region where the company is registered, the type of product or service provided or how critical the supplier is to our operations. This categorization supports in designing appropriate risk mitigation activities such as further due diligence steps (supplier self-assessment, information research and risk analysis) before contracting, and in conducting on-site audits to evaluate whether a supplier’s sustainability performance is sufficient.All due diligence steps are performed in our due diligence platform. 

Supply chain due care process

Due diligence

All suppliers are subject to mandatory due diligence screening before contracting, and mandatory revised due diligence during the term of the contract. The process which covers a large number of areas is continuous, meaning that the due diligence cycle is based on the identified risks regardless of contract length. 

An upfront risk assessment is carried out initially to identify high-risk triggers related to, for example, trade sanctions, bribery and corruption and privacy. If risks are deemed high, the supplier undergoes an in-depth due diligence assessment consisting of a self-assessment against the Supplier Code of Conduct and other relevant requirements as well as a database search covering, for example, ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) and sanctions. Audits are required if certain risk criteria such as potential serious violation of human rights or labor rights are met.

Due diligence coverage


Click here to watch a video of our Supplier Code of Conduct. It highlights the requirements we expect our suppliers to comply with when doing business with us.

Revisioner på plats

Revisioner på plats utgör en möjlighet till förbättring för både Telia Company och leverantören, och är del av vår inköpsprocess.


  • Klargör och ger information om Telia Companys krav och förväntningar rörande hållbarhet, säkerhet och kvalitet
  • Adresserar avvikelser mot våra krav, där leverantörerna behöver genomföra korrigerande åtgärder
  • Stärker relationen mellan Telia Company och leverantören

Revisionerna genomförs i samtliga delar av vår leverantörskedja, av våra egna granskare eller av tredjepart.

Vi genomför revisioner i fem kategorier: säkerhet, leverantörsuppförandekod, platsbesök med granskning av specifika ämnen samt Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC).

För mer information, kontakta suppliers-audit (at) Vänligen vänd dig till Speak-Up Line om du tror eller vet att en leverantör bryter mot Telia Companys krav och riktlinjer.

Joint Audit Cooperation

Som medlem av Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) delar vi resurser och utvecklar vårt arbete för en mer hållbar ICT-leverantörskedja.

Telia Company är medlem i Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) , en sammanslutning av telekomoperatörer med syfte att gemensamt utvärdera och utveckla hållbarhetsarbetet hos viktiga multinationella leverantörer inom ICT-branschen.

JAC-processen består av en koordinerad revision på plats av leverantörens hållbarhetsarbete, samt utvecklingsprogram och plan för att korrigera avvikelser. Varje medlemsföretag är ansvarigt för att revidera ett antal leverantörer. Revisionsplanen görs årligen, och medlemmarna reviderar lika många leverantörer.

Supplier Privacy policy

At Telia Company, we take the protection of your personal integrity seriously and we want you to feel comfortable with leaving out your personal data to us.

Starting from 2016, as soon as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, we have been running one GDPR Compliance program across Telia Company in all relevant markets. Since numerous principles in GDPR already existed under the old Data Protection Directive, we can draw from our previous experience and best practices while also now ensuring that we implement and follow the new GDPR principles diligently.

We have published a privacy notice for our suppliers describing how we handle your personal data. In the privacy notice you can also learn your rights to your data and how you can exercise your rights.

In case you have any questions, suggestions or want to discuss how we take care of your privacy at Telia Company, kindly reach out to our Group Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Read the Supplier Privacy policy here

Our approach to conflict minerals

Telia Company recognizes the risks associated with conflict minerals.

Mining of these minerals in e.g. the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries has been linked to armed conflict, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation. We therefore require our suppliers to take steps to assure that conflict minerals are not used in any of the equipment we buy from them. Read more.