As a company we do not have expertise about children and children’s rights, which is why it is so important to listen to those who do. We work with children’s rights organisations in order to integrate a children’s rights perspective in our business operations, such as product development and communication. Through our partnerships with children’s rights organisations, we can integrate the child perspective early in our processes. These partnerships give us constant access to accurate knowledge, the latest research and understanding of children’s perspectives.

Some partnerships are more specific and emerge from the nature of our business. It is right and necessary to support the fight against child sexual abuse material through partnerships, since this material is spread using our technology. It is also natural to support child helplines, since their business is built around our services – phone calls and web chatting.

The biggest challenge when it comes to partnerships is to define the specific company need for the partnership and to find the correct match.

Through our partnerships we embrace the 10th principle of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.

Save the Children Finland

To start with Telia Finland and Save the Children entered a 3-year-agreement of exclusive collaboration in the work of improving children’s rights online. Later on there was a decision to continue collaboration longer term. Telia donates to Save the Children, who allocates resources to the work of experts and community managers.

Roles and responsibilities in our partnership:

  • Save the Children provides expert contributions, networks, and existing channels to reach young people and communicate their experiences and needs.
  • Save the Children secures the inclusion standards and the quality of the child's involvement so that the rights of the child are realized in our work, processes, products and services. 
  • Telia provides resources and distribution channels for Save the Children that are not normally available for children’s rights organisations.
  • During this first 3-year contract, we have created space online and offline to raise awareness of risks and opportunities in online life, using multiple channels. These include: laying the foundation for children’s rights work at Telia, a one-year-long massive project promoting children’s rights online (Digiboom), exchanging expertise at various events, product development, collaboration in research projects (Children’s Advisory Panel), seminars, trainings and more.

Visit Save the Children Finland

World Childhood Foundation

Telia Company’s collaboration with World Childhood Foundation began in 1999, as a co-founder of the organisation. The partnership has developed to focus on keeping children safe and in control online.

Funding has been put into projects linked to ICT and children’s rights. World Childhood Foundation has also been an active contributor and a lead NGO in Telia Company’s initiative Children’s Advisory Panel.

On a daily basis, Childhood supports Telia with any kind of issue related to children’s rights. For example, Childhood was a great support for Telia when Telia formulated its own child safeguarding routine, which applies when Telia employees make presentations and workshops in schools. This routine ensures that children are safe when meeting Telia employees in their school environment.


ECPAT: Industry cooperation against sexual exploitation of children online

The largest telecom operators in Sweden have joined forces and formed a telecom alliance against sexual exploitation of children online, in partnership with Sweden’s hotline organisation ECPAT Sweden. The members of the coalition will work to prevent and obstruct that their services are misused by perpetrators.

The initial phase is about benchmarking, information and experience sharing. It will also include activities to better understand the issue, collection of data and technology development. 

Telia is cooperating with or supporting child sexual abuse material hotlines in various ways in all its markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Report suspected sexual exploitation of a child at

Child Helplines

In Estonia, Telia has partnered with Child Helpline in the anti-cyberbullying campaign Greatest Courage since 2017. A live chat service is available on the Greatest Courage website, where psychologists answer anonymous questions 24/7. 

Since 2009, the Estonian Child helpline has answered more than 35 000 contacts, many of which are related to cyberbullying. During the Greatest Courage campaign contacts to Estonian Child Helpline rose 250%.

Telia is supporting child helplines in various ways in all its markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries.