Telia's Commitment

Our commitment is about children’s right to participation, protection, and well-being. We want to protect and empower children online. As a company we must meet our responsibility to respect children’s rights and commit to supporting the human rights of children.

From the child’s perspective, all rights in the UN (United Nations) convention on the rights of the child are interconnected and the convention needs to be applied fully. However, in the ICT sector, there are a few themes that stand out as particularly important for businesses to consider.

We therefore decided, in collaboration with Save the Children Finland, that we would focus on the below themes in order to enhance children’s rights in the digital age.

Right to an identity and privacy

Today, knowledge about privacy and protection of your own data is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, children’s awareness and data protection skills vary a lot, and there’s a higher risk of identity theft and other privacy-intrusive attacks than before.

Right to information and right to participation

It is important to find the balance between protection and participation. Protecting young people from harmful content online shouldn’t restrict children’s right to participation and information.


Censorship, filtering or blocking technologies should not be understood as a “perfect fix” to protecting children from problems online. Empowering children to independently use digital media safely and for their own purposes requires guidance and support from adults. Online participation is a fundamental part of modern citizenship. Children and young people must get the opportunity to influence decision-making that affects their lives (for example, in regard to digital technology, games and social media).

Right to freedom of expression, leisure and play

Digital environments are full of opportunities to play, have fun, meet friends and develop digital skills.

Through these activities, children have the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Such activities can support them in learning how to live in a rapidly changing, digital society. We want children to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age. It is children’s right to gather online for communication and expression.

Right to be safe and protected from all forms of violence

Protecting children from harm and risks in online environments will always be the top priority for us.

A close relationship, with open discussion between adult and child, protects children from harm. Children need guidance in how to protect themselves online, what is appropriate behaviour towards others and what is acceptable behaviour towards themselves.  We want the industry and adults to take a clear stand against cyberbullying, harassment, sexual abuse and exploitation, discrimination and hate speech.


Right to health and well-being

The digitalization of societies affects children’s health and well-being: the impact of which we are only starting to understand.

It is important to be aware of the impact, to prevent and alleviate any potentially harmful effects that digital technology may have on children’s health and well-being, and to actively seek opportunities to improve the health of children using new technologies.