Children’s voices

Children have the right to be listened to, and adults do not necessarily know very much about children’s experiences or lives online. This is why we decided to let the children explain to us, in their own way, the role that the internet plays in their lives, and their views on specific online aspects.

CAP research in 2017 focused on children’s views, concerns and practices regarding online privacy and safety

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Key findings from the Children's Advisory Panel (CAP) - 2016/17

  • CAP-kids embrace the opportunities of life online
    "You can make friends all over the world if you want to."
    Girl, 15

  • CAP-kids show a high degree of maturity and resilience in their online presence.
    “Wikipedia is not always true. Everyone can write. You need to check more places to see if it is true.”
    Girl, 11

  • CAP-kids care about their own and others’ online identities.
    “You never know who is who on the internet. Everyone could be anyone. So you have to be careful to not forget this.”
    Boy, 15

  • CAP-kids consider good connectivity a major enabler of social inclusion.
    “[What could impress you on the internet?] If everyone could have equally strong internet. When we play games [online] sometimes the internet fails for some of my friends. Then they are thrown away from the game or conversation on Skype breaks.”
    Boy, 12

  • CAP-kids expect presence and guidance from adults, however, from a distance.
    “It is important to have rules so that everyone behaves and can feel safe. Bullying can really hurt you.”
    Girl, 11

Read more in the report (pdf)

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The Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP) was created to better under­stand children’s own perspectives of online and digital aspects of life by listening to them through qualitative co-creative methods. CAP is an initiative by Telia Company in collaboration with child rights organizations and schools in the Nordic and Baltic. So far around 1,500 children in the 6th and 9th grades have participated by describ­ing and discussing the opportunities, benefits and challenges of life online. The aim of the CAP initiative is to further develop Telia’s understanding of how we as a company can improve our own approach to children as users of our technology, and to contribute to the ICT industry’s and society’s understanding of children as online citizens.