Digital environments are full of opportunities to play, meet friends and develop digital skills that prepare them for a life in a rapidly changing digital society. We need to ensure that the technology that we use and provide protects and promotes children’s rights.

The biggest challenge for a technology company is to understand the balance between limiting children’s use of technology to protect them, and offering technology that supports children’s empowerment. We must try to prevent and alleviate any potential harmful impact that digital technology may have on children’s health and well-being, and actively seek opportunities to improve children’s health using new technology.

Developing and supporting new technology and solutions is part of our commitment to the 4th and 5th principles of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. The work also contributes to one of the targets of UN Global Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions, related to ending abuse and all forms of violence against children.



Telia Company is actively participating in the fight against child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online. We maintain filters on our networks that block access to illegal websites that host CSAM. As Telia Company stands for and promotes an open internet, this is the only area where we have taken an active stand for voluntary blocking. We co-operate with industry partners, law enforcement and NGOs to develop this area further.

Sara Nordbrand, Head of Sustainability in Telia Company explains Telia’s role and work in fighting child sexual abuse material online

However, blocking has limited effect on preventing sexual abuse of children. More needs to be done. One approach is through partnerships. In this context Telia Company works with NGOs like World Childhood Foundation, with technology companies like NetClean and with law enforcement. We regularly share our experiences and discuss with others on how to best use innovative technology and partnerships to make progress.

We employ a technology that alerts if CSAM is detected somewhere on Telia Company’s internal IT systems. When such incidences happen, Telia Company’s security department notifies the national police of the hit. If the police investigation leads to a conviction of the employee, the employee is dismissed. By detecting and reporting people who keep CSAM on company equipment we help the police to rescue children from ongoing sexual abuse and protect others from future abuse.



We offer the technical child safeguarding service F-Secure Safe as part of our offering to families.

  • The service enables parents to set screen time limits, it allows parents to choose when it is time for the child to put the device away. 
  • App control lets parents see which apps their child has installed and decide if they should be blocked, allowed, or time-bound.
  • Content blocking allows parents to decide which content they consider appropriate for their child's age.
  • Finder lets parents locate their children's devices and see them on a map. 

We strongly recommend that parents speak with their children so that they understand the restrictions and why. Parents should always consider the child's age and maturity when using this kind of safeguarding service. It is also important to understand that this protection can never replace talking with your children about life online. 

Read more about the role of adults in keeping children safe online.



AV1 is a "substitute robot" created by Norwegian tech startup No Isolation. Children who suffer from long-term illness and who are unable to physically attend school can interact with teachers, classmates and friends through the eyes and ears of the robot.

Telia Norway is working with No Isolation to get more robots to more kids. Telia’s contribution comes from its mobile phone recycling service “Mobilpant“, where each recycled phone contributes 10 NOK to producing AV1 robots. Telia Norway’s YOUNITE volunteers help deliver the AV1 robots to schools and conduct the training on how to use them, to help schools make the most of this new technology.

The AV1 robot has spread over the world and many of our local companies now work with No Isolation to promote children’s inclusion.

See the video - from Denmark - to learn more

If you discover child sexual abuse materials online or become aware of child sexual abuse, contact either the police or report the incident via a local anonymous hotline immediately.

Save the Children has issued a folder with advice to adults on how to protect children from sexual abuse online. Download the folder here

Your company or organization can also participate in the fight against child sexual abuse. Learn more in this leaflet and get in contact with us.