Digital inclusion

At Telia Company, we are committed to connecting everyone to the most trusted, reliable, and efficient modern networks. Securing everyone with access to reliable connectivity and the right digital skills is key to ensuring that no one is left behind. Our work within this area focuses on contributing to equality and inclusion to ensure that individuals and societies in the Nordics and Baltics capture the full potential of digitalization.

Digitalization is currently transforming societies – bringing both new opportunities and risks. Those digitally included can make the most of new opportunities, while those who are not risk being left behind as services such as healthcare, banking, and education are digitalized, and many social arenas are moving online.

We operate in highly digitalized countries with extensive access to connectivity and technology intense demands for good network quality. In our markets, “digital inclusion” is less about accessing essential digital services and devices and more about the quality of connectivity and securing proper digital skills.


At Telia Company, we contribute to reducing inequalities by bridging the digital divide. We aim to reach one million people by 2025 through various digital inclusion initiatives and products. In 2021 we reached over 600,000 individuals across multiple target groups, primarily children, parents, and seniors. 

Digital Inclusion Benchmark 

To encourage greater action towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the World Benchmarking Alliance has benchmarked 150 digital technology companies globally on their actions to strengthen digital inclusion. In the Digital Inclusion Benchmark report released in December 2021,Telia Company ranked 11 out of 150 and fourth among all the European-headquartered companies.

The benchmark assesses technology companies’ efforts in improving access to technology, enhancing digital skills, fostering trustworthy use, and innovating openly and ethically. Telia Company came out strong in areas such as cybersecurity and support for children’s safety online. The report also highlights initiatives like More Digital, a program created by Telia to reduce digital exclusion among the elderly. The inclusion benchmark also highlights Telia’s initiatives and collaborations to encourage and mentor girls and women to take up tech careers in an industry that is still heavily dominated by men.