Goals and Performance

Sustainability is thoroughly integrated in Telia Company’s business strategy. To ensure that we make progress on the most important areas and meet increasing reporting expectations and requirements, a number of goals guide our work and reporting.

In 2021, Telia Company updated its business strategy and reviewed its purpose. In the updated strategy, sustainability is thoroughly integrated with sustainability goals reflecting our ambition to constantly reinvent better connected lives and societies. Goals cover a broad range of topics with particular focus on the three impact areas where we believe that we can make the biggest difference: Climate & circularityDigital inclusion and Privacy & security. In addition, our work covers a number of other material impact areas that are instrumental to an ethical and rights-based culture.

Below is a summary of our goals and 2022 performance as reported in the 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report.

Climate & circularity

To forcefully address the climate crisis and the unsustainable use of natural resources, Telia adopted two ambitious environmental goals in 2019: to achieve zero CO2 emissions and zero waste by 2030.


Digital inclusion

Digital inclusion is a new prioritized impact area where we aim to build digital skills and empower users online focusing on children, seniors and other groups that risk being left behind digitally.

Privacy & security

Privacy and security are key areas when it comes to maintaining customer trust and provide secure networks. While we are already considered a safe and trusted partner, we are committed to develop our work further the coming years, as societies are getting increasingly digitalized.

Other material impact areas

In addition to the above-mentioned focus areas, we cover a wide range of other topics to make sure that we manage material risks and capture opportunities.

Goals and progress for all impact areas, including some not listed above, can be found in the 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report.

Integrating sustainability in key processes

Additional internal goals and activities have been set to further strengthen integration of sustainability aspects into key processes such as risk management, product development, sales, investments etc. These goals cover areas such as human rights and environmental impact assessments, risk-based implementation of our AI ethical guidelines and ISO certifications.