"our new better-connected way of working"

In some of our markets our people are slowly coming back to the office after over a year of restrictions and feeling the energy and urge to meet up and enjoy the excitement that only comes from interacting with other people. Moving forward we want to combine the best of both worlds to invent a new and better way of working. Andrew Lewis, Head of Work-Life Experience at Telia tells us more about how we in Telia aim to develop or ways of working and offices ahead.

Finding better ways of working is an ongoing process

“Since I came to Telia, it has been clear that it is important to create a homely working experience, where modern office spaces play a central role in everyday office life. We all have different expectations of the spaces and tools we need, which means that we continually explore new ways of working. And this is something we did long before the pandemic, because to a company at the forefront of technology and connectivity, modern ways of working and interacting with each other is a part of who we are.”

The better way of working

We are always reinventing our ways of working in our great offices, combining it with some remote working when it empowers our performance. Our approach is still office-first, which means, our offices are where we spend most of our work-life. Where we feel the customer pulse and jointly create our Telia culture - together. The Office-first approach means that our offices will remain our base for work and enable our people to meet and where ideas are swiftly turned into action, for that our spaces are continuously improved for collaboration, coaching, and co-creation. When and where to work, at the office or somewhere else, is decided together with the leader. Our goal is to find the right balance for our people, based on role, work activities, and country specific guidelines.” 

It’s what we all want

“This approach is the result of feedback and data from thousands of our people at Telia. We have had a continuous dialogue with our employees to find ways to make our workplace better. By providing a broad range of digital tools we enable all our people to stay productive and accessible and to ensure a sound work-life balance. The feedback showed us that flexibility is key. I am convinced that this new way of working will make us better and improve the overall performance of both individuals and the company. And keep Telia a great place to work.”