“Moving with the flow”

Alexander Bernstål, IoT Specialist at Division X, Telia Sweden

Say hi to Alexander from Stockholm. He is a passionate internet of things specialist. With a background from different startups in Stockholm, he is the perfect guy for bringing our latest tech innovations to a commercial phase.

“Before I came here, I was working with startups, and didn’t really consider Telia as an employer. But after collaborating on a few projects, my interest started to grow. I was impressed by the ambition to always challenge the status quo and to simplify how we do business, our internal processes and constantly creating new solutions with a more agile approach. The fact that we are pushing the limits for what IoT can do, means that we are standing on the barricades to bring new ideas and technologies to make life better for both people and companies – that is the core reason why I am here today. And to be honest, I was blown away by the new head office, it radiates coolness and transpires a breath of fresh air wherever you sit down to do your work”.

“It might sound odd that I was attracted to Telia, given my background with startups and young tech companies. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the spirit and passion that comes with small innovative enterprises. But after meeting my colleagues at Telia’s Division X, I realized I can do the same thing here, but on a much larger scale. My life here is as innovative and cutting edge as a brand-new startup, but with the muscles and power of Telia, my opportunities are endless”.

“In my team, we focus on internet of things. My latest project is a collaboration between us, water tap producer FM Mattsson and airport operator Swedavia. By collecting and analyzing data from the water taps in public areas at Swedish airports, we can impact and optimize future use, reduce risk of contaminated water and make sure we are as sustainable as we possibly can”.

”Most of the dialogues and new business I create, adds something new to our portfolio. My confidence has grown a lot since I came here, which has made me more forward leaning and able to push ideas internally to other stakeholders – which is key to success at Telia”.

“Working with IoT means that my role and scope are wide as this area is evolving every day – not only in Telia but in the whole society. Basically, this means that my role, my work and my opportunities changes and grows every day”.

“Besides my work, I love rowing and I am proud to be part of keeping a traditional sport alive. A few mornings every week I row – with a team or just on my own. It’s a great way to get a workout, clear your mind and get ready for creating new innovative concepts”.