"Finding a deeper meaning"

Sami joined Telia as a trainee and instantly knew he had find the perfect place to work. He finished his studies, while working part time for Telia. He then pursued an opportunity to work in an innovative environment where his passion for technology grew stronger every day. When he joined the company, he was expecting a large corporate company, but he found a home and his professional family.

“When I joined this company, it was called Sonera and later TeliaSonera. Today we are Telia and I am proud to have been a part of this change journey and having contributed to becoming the strong united company we are today. And I am really looking forward to our journey to become the new generation telco.” 

Growing with the company
“Today I am part of our global security unit, working as a Senior Security Manager. My role has changed many times and I have grown a lot and been able to try and learn many different things during my years here. Running different teams and technology projects has taught me the power of tech. Working with customers has given me a bigger understanding of our business. And being a manager has taught me a lot about empower people with the confidence to reach beyond their own capabilities.”

Diversity at work
“I work for an international company that I am proud of. Telia offers great opportunities and I spend my days with amazing people. Leading virtual teams is becoming more and more common, which makes it easier to connect with people from different countries. It is great to see our company grow and how it embraces differences, but is still moving towards a unified culture and brand.“

My life as a scuba diver
“When I am not at work or with my family, I love to go scuba diving. In warm clear waters, of course, but when that is not a possibility, the cold waters of Finland also offer the possibility to experience a different world under the surface. Scuba diving has a lot in common with my work. To discover new areas, you need to plan everything in detail. You have these enormous areas to explore, but you need to do it in a very controlled way. Some claim that we have only explored five percent of our oceans. And I think it is the same with technology and how it can simplify our lives in the future. We have only seen the beginning of what is possible, just a few years from now.”