“The digital architect”

Tomas Eriksson, Solutions Architect at Telia in Sweden

Meet Tomas

Tomas Eriksson is leading the work to simplify and make our complex IT systems more effective with new smart technology. He is involved in several teams in Sundsvall with a focus on our systems, and new innovations.

“My journey with Telia started in 1997. I left a small company with limited possibilities to grow and came here to work as a developer. Today I work as a Solutions Architect, hiding complexity behind clean and understandable open APIs for all clients or channels. To be precise, what we do is creating an open system structure, where we base all our services on APIs – a way to simplify how our services are developed and a way that makes it possible for all services to communicate with each other in a standardized system. With APIs, our basic system structure can stay the same, but the services we provide can be changed overnight. I am leading work to build this new structure, but a big part of my work today is also about innovation. “

“I have been in more projects than I can count, and tried different roles as developer, project lead, architect, and more. For a period, I also worked for other companies. When starting again at Telia it felt like coming home, both in knowing the IT very well, but also in the relaxed atmosphere. Knowing Telia well and having been in other companies made me determined to unleash the innovation potential in Telia’s capabilities. Together with my teams, we are using the latest technology to make a unique toolbox for innovation.”

“I love it here! In Sundsvall, we have several offices and I move between them, working with almost 15 different development teams, full of great people. And it is that combination that makes this job so exciting – cutting-edge technologies and working with the smartest people around. And our culture is open – questions are flying, and solutions are built. The company itself is supportive and self-leadership is encouraged. And I really appreciate the flexible workplace, moving between Telia’s different offices and my home.”

“When I am not at work, you find me with my family. And as often as we possibly can, we are off to go skiing or to ride our mountain bikes. And just like my job, I enjoy the high-tech of modern sports and especially mountain bikes. I enjoy the feeling of freedom when you get the details just right. Because when a bike or system works, it can take me anywhere I want to go.”

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