Following documents are mandatory in all sourcing and purchasing agreements made between a supplier and Telia.

Telia Company Supplier Code of Conduct

We have created this Supplier Code of Conduct to define the conduct and requirements we expect from our Suppliers in order to protect human rights as well as respect and promote safe and fair working conditions, the responsible management of environmental issues and high ethical standards along the supply chain. Additional Annexes to the Supplier Code of Conduct may be required in individual sourcing and purchasing agreements.

Annex I. Environmental Requirements on Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Applicable for products and hardware, software and programming services and contractors that install products.

Annex II. Environmental requirements for take-back, waste management, recycling and reusing services.

Applicable for suppliers involved in take-back, recycling and waste management.

Annex III. Environmental Requirements on Travel Service Providers.

Applicable for Travel agencies.

Annex IV Telia Company Banned and Restricted Substances

Applicable for Product suppliers, Suppliers involved in maintenance, real estate and construction.

Annex v. Responsible sourcing of minerals requirements

Applicable for Suppliers providing products to Telia Company that contain tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold necessary to the functionality and/or production of the product.

Supplier Security Directives

The Supplier Security Directives describes the security requirements applicable to Suppliers and other identified business partners to Telia Company group. Additional security requirements may apply in particular cases if agreed by involved parties.

Data Processing Agreement.