Mozilla grants TeliaSonera renewal of root certificate

TeliaSonera’s application to have a new root certificate included in Firefox’s list of trusted Certificate Authorities (CA:s) has been approved.

During Spring, it was reported that Mozilla was considering not granting TeliaSonera’s request for renewal. The reports were based on allegations directed at TeliaSonera in the customary online public forum  stakeholder dialogue. After thoroughly reviewing the facts, Mozilla has found no reason why TeliaSonera should not have its certificate renewed and all outstanding issues are now resolved.

What is a trusted root certificate?

Trusted root certificates assure users that the web sites they are visiting can be trusted. Without the trust certificate browsers issue warnings and don’t recommend continuing to that web site. Mozilla is not the only one approving these kinds of certificates. All browser vendors approve certificates for their own platforms and browsers. All Certificate Authorities, like TeliaSonera, need trust agreements with browser vendors. All companies hosting sites with critical security issues for the visitors, like TeliaSonera, needs to get their server certificates from trusted roots to be able to avoid the warnings and ensure their customers’ security on the Internet.