TeliaSonera and PowerCell trial fuel cell technology

Today TeliaSonera signed a collaboration agreement with Gothenburg-based fuel cell developer PowerCell Sweden AB to trial their “PowerPac” fuel cell solution at a base station in Sweden. It will be trialed over twelve months using simulated power failures.

The solution runs on diesel rather than pure hydrogen gas or methanol, the fuels used in traditional fuel cell technology. It is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option, with virtually no emissions or noise compared to regular back-up diesel generators. With 30 percent higher fuel efficiency compared to diesel generators, the main cost saving potential is found in longer up-time meaning reduced need for fuel refill. Diesel is also a more available option for remote locations, where fuel logistics is a challenge. 

“We are excited to be part of trialing this cutting edge power solution.  We see great potential in fuel cells to ensure that the networks are up and running 24/7 in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way”, says Anne Larilahti, VP Head of Sustainability Strategy at TeliaSonera.

Through the collaboration agreement with PowerCell TeliaSonera is not just monitoring the development, but is playing an active part in increasing the viability of fuel cell technology in telecoms.

“Fuel cell based power is relevant in all of TeliaSonera’s markets, and especially in areas with poor electricity grids. Our role in this collaboration is to ensure that the solution is adapted to the requirements within our industry. So far the limiting factor has been fuel logistics, but this is drastically improved with this technology”, says Dag Lundén, Environmental manager at TeliaSonera Sweden.