Telia Company’s journey to 5G well underway

Telia's public 5G networks are now live in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and will soon launch in Denmark. On top of the networks, commercial 5G services such as devices, subscriptions, roaming and 5G-ready dedicated mobile networks are already available in several markets.

Telia Company launched its first public 5G network in Finland last year, followed by Norway and Sweden in May this year. Denmark plans to launch in end of October, 2020. In anticipation of 5G spectrum auctions, preparations are ongoing to roll out public 5G networks in Estonia and Lithuania, and to acquire 3.5 GHz spectrum in Sweden and Denmark. LMT in Latvia, where Telia Company is a majority shareholder, has already launched a public 5G network.

The public launches come on the back of a five-year-long 5G journey that has led Telia Company to build an ecosystem around 5G, partnering with businesses, public sector and academia, and which includes customer pilots, test beds, pre-commercial networks and technology trials. Just recently, Telia in Estonia and partners TalTech and PYLOT set out to remote pilot an autonomous vehicle in Estonia from Germany, powered by 5G.

“Our networks have never been more important to lives and livelihoods and we are now accelerating the deployment of commercial 5G services across the region, strengthening the digital infrastructure and laying the foundation for the next phase of digital transformation, with innovation, sustainability and security as three critical pillars,” says Stefan Jäverbring, CTO at Telia Company.

Businesses and public sector – early adopters of 5G
5G is more than the next generation mobile network, it is a new digital infrastructure for the connected society. Telia’s 5G network is powered by 100 percent renewable electricity and opens up for new innovative services like autonomous vehicles, connected ports, remote healthcare, new gaming experiences and has the possibility to help close the digital divide by providing high-speed broadband to more places.

One area of 5G that Telia Company is pioneering is dedicated network services that provides factories, hospitals and other critical infrastructure with robust and secure private mobile networks. Telia Company has launched its service Enterprise Mobile Network (EMN) in Sweden and Norway. It will soon launch in Finland and more markets are set to follow.

The EMN service can be deployed using both 4G and 5G technology. Telia is driving several customer projects in this area. A recent example is a dedicated network Telia that has built with partners Ericsson and Afry to connect Hitachi ABB Power Grids production environment at its transformer factory in Ludvika, Sweden. Another example is a large deal to provide wireless communication for Oslo Metro’s new signaling system, the first time a mobile network will be used to control subway trains.

5G-ready mobile devices and subscriptions - available now
Big smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and OnePlus have launched a number of new 5G-enabled smartphones and there are now 5G-ready subscriptions from Telia Company in all markets where public networks are live, something which will help drive 5G adoption among consumers and businesses.

First with 5G roaming
This summer Telia Company also became the first operator to launch 5G roaming in the Nordic countries. Telia customers from Finland, Norway and Sweden can now roam, i.e. use their mobile phone while travelling abroad, between the 5G networks that Telia is building in those countries. Denmark is next in line.

Closing the digital divide
Another area where Telia Company will use 5G is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), broadband services over the mobile network, to offer connectivity to customers in places across the region where it’s difficult to build fiber, both in suburban areas and in the countryside. The solution is now being deployed on 4G in selected places in Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, and over 5G in Finland, and will roll out in other markets as well. 5G technology and the increased access to spectrum will make this possible in new areas.