Welcome to our global virtual pride celebration

It’s with great Pride that we again invite you all to our award winning global Virtual Pride, a part of our quarterly diversity talks. In our last quarterly talk 1300 people joined is in the conversation. Now we are hoping for even more.

Our diversity talks are inclusive and open for all both internal and external and you are more than welcome to invite a friend or thousands. Make sure you all register and add it to your calendar, prior to the event.

We will celebrate all the colors of the rainbow in our LGBTQIA+ community, and everyone is invited. Including the A`s, which stands for Allies. So please let´s re:connect and re:invent how we can include all people in our workplace and in the society at large.

You should join if you would like to become a more inclusive leader and colleague, if you support the idea of everyone having the human right to be their true authentic self and if you are curious about what the leading voices in the field of diversity and inclusion have to say about how we can make all of us thrive even better.

We have an awesome lineup for the day and you will be guided through the event by our remarkable hosts Ina B. Kummerfeldt and Chris Hovde.

Some of the great speakers you will be listening in to is Allison Kirkby (CEO Telia Company), award-winning TedX speaker Dr. Poornima Luthra on microaggressions and LGBTQI+, Tomas Raskevicius (Parliament member in Lithuania), Jannick Friis Christensen (PHD. Researcher Copenhagen Business School) on gender, pride, and identity, Kirsten Mols on being a transgender woman in management and IT/tech.

We also have three panels in store for you, one on LGBTQIA+ at the workplace, another one hearing from our own LGBTQIA ambassadors and the third on the topic of transgender.

We welcome you all to celebrate global virtual pride together with us here!