Telia Denmark introduces competitive pricing for MMS

Following a free introductory period, Telia Denmark introduces competitive pricing for MMS picture messages.
Since 20 December 2002, Telia's Danish customers have been able to send free MMS picture messages to each other. With the expiry of this free introductory period, from today - 28 February 2003 - Telia Denmark is introducing a charge of DKK 3 per MMS picture message from person to person. This is in line with the general price level of the market. The cost is debited to the sender of the MMS picture message, with no charge to the recipient. Danish Telia MMS users already have access to a range of service functions, including an in-tray on the Internet where their MMS messages are saved. And Telia Denmark is continuously updating and developing its Internet MMS content. But the benefits of the Danish Telia MMS product are not limited solely to MMS users with MMS telephones. By logging on to, all Danish Telia customers are able to send and receive MMS picture messages to/from each other. In connection with the introduction of the new MMS picture message price structure, Telia Denmark reaffirms its commitment to the ongoing development of a new, more advanced Internet-based MMS universe for its customers, including the ability to send MMS picture messages to regular e-mail addresses.

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