Staff reshuffle involves 700 employees

Staff reshuffle involves 700 employees

The need for impending personnel reductions notified by TeliaSonera
Sweden in April is estimated around 1.500 as of the beginning of the
year. This information is made public by TeliaSonera Sweden today.
Approximately 500 of these are hired staff and around 300 have retired
through existing arrangements or found a new post within the group.
Consequently, the resizing involves some 700 of TeliaSonera Sweden's

TeliaSonera Sweden's units, segments and HQ have worked out an action
plan with a staffing schedule since April when the organisation
reshuffle was announced. Personnel organisations have been in touch with
one another as outlined in the plans. The estimate of the need for
resizing has been made by the management of TeliaSonera Sweden.

- We have to make sure that TeliaSonera Sweden will remain a competitive
and attractive operator also in the future which is why we have to
guarantee the effectiveness of the organisation, says President of
TeliaSonera Sweden Marie Ehrling.

- What we are about to implement will be conducted in the best possible
way with respect to those involved and the remaining employees alike.
Resizing will be handled through natural retirement schemes, tailored
pension plans and within framework of the Telia Resurs och Omställning
resizing programme. We intend to engage in a constructive dialog with
the personnel organisations and thus allow the process to be implemented
in the best possible way.

In co-operation with the personnel organisations we will now initiate
work for defining the exact number of people, identify the personnel
categories and individuals involved in the resizing, and the way the
process should be implemented.

As to the personnel from work force hiring companies some 125 have been
phased out during the year. Future reductions in hired personnel will be
carried out later on in the year.

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera Sweden Press Service, phone +46 8 713 58 30

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