Better mobile network in Sweden with the help of customers

By visiting the website, customers can influence the recently started expansion of TeliaSonera Sweden's GSM network, which will be finished by 2008. The needs and requests of subscribers will be of major importance for the build-out of the mobile network.

“Because we want coverage where our customers want to call, we think it is natural to let them give us tips about locations where calling is difficult or impossible,” says Ove Alm, network manager for TeliaSonera Sweden. “Even if we can’t promise coverage everywhere, the requests of our subscribers will still influence the way we build out our network.”

TeliaSonera Swedens's GSM network covers 70 percent of Sweden’s land area today. In January, this year, TeliaSonera Sweden announced that it would invest more than SEK 1 billion over the next four years to improve the operating reliability of its GSM network and expand coverage to 90 percent of Sweden’s land area. Up to now, the NMT network has had the best penetration, covering 85 percent of Sweden’s land area. By using EDGE technology, data transmission speeds for the mobile Internet in the GSM network are also four times faster today.

For three consecutive years, from 2001 to 2003, TeliaSonera Sweden received an award for having the best GSM network in Sweden in terms of quality, accessibility and coverage, as measured in Mobil magazine’s annual tests. In 2004, when only the 3G network was ranked, TeliaSonera Sweden received the “best in test” prize for this network as well.