Sonera seeks to build a mobile TV network

Sonera Mobile Networks Ltd, a subsidiary of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, has today filed a licence application to build a nationwide mobile television network. The company will be ready to start constructing a network targeting at commercial operation in 2006.

“A mobile TV network will significantly boost activities in the telecommunications and media sectors in Finland by introducing for the mobile phone customers both traditional TV programming and that developed specifically for mobile use. As a network operator, we provide a business opportunity for the media industry, radio and TV companies, as well as mobile communication and other service operators developing services and content,” says Esa Rautalinko, Senior Vice President of the Consumer Mobile Services and Entertainment division of TeliaSonera Finland.

According to the plan set forth in the application, Sonera would begin building the mobile TV network from the towns with the highest number of people to ensure a speedy introduction for the service. A test network can be built as early as this year for the Greater Helsinki Area, that is, for the region within Ring Road I. During 2007, the network would be extended to cover the area within Ring Road III. According to the plan, the extension will continue with Tampere, Turku, and Oulu starting in 2007 when commercial mobile TV operation is due to begin. Sonera would implement the network so that the programme and service content can be tailored region-specifically.

“To ensure the future of mobile TV, it is important to include also the possibility for interactive services in Mobile TV by utilizing the present GSM and 3G networks. The service offering sahll be versatile from the beginning as well as well-designed for different terminal devices. As a mobile network operator, these issues are self-evident to us also when the mobile TV network and its service systems are built,” says Mr Rautalinko.

The licence holder will be responsible for the mobile TV transmitter network and managing the transmission capacity. The Finnish mobile TV network will be built to comply with the DVB-H standard. The IP datacast technology according to the Internet protocol (IP) makes it possible to provide different kinds of services, such as video, audio and data services, in a most versatile manner.

More information:
Senior Vice President Esa Rautalinko, Consumer Mobile Services and Entertainment, TeliaSonera Finland
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