Online data warehouse provides safe storage for business-critical laptop and mobile phone data

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj and Swedish Storegate AB have signed a cooperation agreement on the provision of online storage services in Finland. With Sonera Data Warehouse (Sonera Tietovarasto), electronic files can be stored safely in a centralized and data-secure web location offered by Sonera instead of storing them in personal hard disks. The service also includes automatic backuping. The service is offered to consumers and was launched in Finland in August. Sonera is now the first Finnish company to provide the service to Finnish companies, in cooperation with Storegate AB.

For companies, the Sonera Data Warehouse service offers an online storage for back-ups of all kinds of files. The service enables all the important electronic files of a customer to be stored in one data-secure place. Companies may save and store for example important text files, bookkeeping data, customer registers, digital images, videos, e-mails and mobile phone contact information.

If a company-owned mobile phone disappears, its contact information and calendar entries can anywhere and anytime be easily retrieved from Sonera Data Warehouse to a new phone.

Since the service includes automatic backuping, the user does not need to worry about the safety of their files anymore. The automatic back-up function also facilitates the sharing of large files on the Internet.

”We are constantly developing services for safe storage and sharing of different kinds of electronic files, and marketing our services together with our partners to a large customer base”, says Matz Karlsson, CEO of Storegate AB. ”The agreement we entered into with TeliaSonera Finland is in line with our strategy to expand our service sales in the Nordic countries during 2007.”

”For TeliaSonera Finland, the cooperation with Storegate well complements our offering of iCt managed services for business needs. The chosen strategy supports our aim to offer easy-to-use, top-quality and cost-effective services to our business customers”, says Kari Terho, Director of MaS Business Development at TeliaSonera Finland.

”Many users have faced big problems because their hard disks have broken down. Sonera Data Warehouse provides a great example of an easy-to-use service. The users’ data is as safe in the storage as in a bank vault or a safe deposit box. Thus users have less to worry about, as they do not need to worry about their data disappearing when a hard disk breaks down or a USB stick or an important CD-ROM disappears”, Kari Terho continues.

An electronic data warehouse may also function as a virtual server

The service serves as a company’s external data warehouse. All of the company’s employees can have their personal disk space. With an easy-to-use user interface, files are stored and protected from hard disk failures, viruses, and the like.

Sonera Data Warehouse may also be used as a virtual server or as a storage space for projects and project documents, thus removing the need to invest in own servers. Moreover, the data is available anytime and anyplace, which is ideal for mobile employees. Usage capacity can be upgraded according to customer needs, for example, when the number of users grows.

For more information, please contact:

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Kari Terho, Director, MaS Business Development
Telephone: 0403 024066

Heidi Kärnä, Product Marketing Manager
Telephone: 040 7251987

Storegate AB
Matz Karlsson, CEO
Telephone: +46 (0)703 20 14 01

Storegate AB

Storegate AB is an Internet storage service provider that offers services through its partnets in the US and in the UK in addition to Finland and Sweden. The company’s headquarters are located in Swedish Karlshamn, with operations also in Stockholm. Storegate was established in 2003. The founders, Matz Karlsson and Bertil Hedén, previously worked for telecommunications company
Europolitan, which is now part of Telenor, and for TeliaSonera. In addition to the founders, the owners of Storegate are Industrifonden, Servisen, Sparbankens Näringslivsstiftelse and T-bolaget.