Calls to company and service numbers soon at a more affordable rate

Soon you can call from your mobile phone to Sonera’s company and service numbers at a more affordable rate. From February 1, 2008 onwards, calls to these numbers cost 8.21 cents/call + 14.9 cents/min. The price decrease is made possible by discounts in wholesale prices between the telecom operators. The price reductions are transferred fully to the end-customer price.

The change in the call rate concerns 0201, 0203, 0204, 0205 and 0207-prefixed company numbers. The change also concerns other operators’ numbers that have been transferred to Sonera based on company number and service number portability. These include, for example, 010 and 030-prefixed numbers transferred to Sonera.

The current rate for calls made from a mobile subscription to the above numbers is 8.21 cents/call + 22.9 cents/min (VAT 22%). As from February 1, 2008, the new rate is 8.21 cents/call + 14.9 cents/min (VAT 22%). Calls made from abroad cost the foreign telecom operator’s international call charge in future also.

“The customers get the full benefit of the wholesale price discounts, as we transfer the discounts fully to the end-customer price. The change will introduce a welcome element of competition into company number services and increase the use and attraction of the service. A sensible and well-designed numbering scheme helps the companies and organizations to improve their efficiency, customer service and corporate image,” says Mikko Toivonen, responsible for Communications Solutions at TeliaSonera.

With their national company and service numbers, companies and organizations hope to offer their customers a single number that is easy to remember and that the customers can call to at one and the same rate throughout the country. It has been more expensive to call from a mobile phone to a company number than to the fixed network or other mobile phone numbers because the operator providing the company number prices the call as a whole. The call costs are therefore essentially affected by the wholesale prices that mobile operators charge from the operator providing the company number. At the initiative of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, the telecom operators have now adjusted there wholesale prices for the year 2008.

Further information:

Mikko Toivonen, Senior Manager, Communication Solutions, TeliaSonera
Mobile phone: +358 40 3022097