Sonera and the Kouvola region adopted new communications technology to support municipal consolidation

Earlier this year, Sonera and Pohjois-Kymen Tieto, a public utility company in charge of the ICT services of the municipalities of Jaala, Elimäki and Valkeala and the towns of Anjalankoski, Kouvola and Kuusankoski, signed an extensive 5-year agreement on the development of data communications services.

The objective of the agreement was to combine the various data services of the local municipal communities in the region into a single, well-functioning and uncomplicated IP-based solution. This development initiative has now been completed.

The data solution is based on new technology, and it supports the local government reform to combine the above six separate public communities at the turn of the year to form a new town of Kouvola. The Kouvola region federation of municipalities and the joint municipal board for medical services will also be combined with the new town of Kouvola. Together they will form a large entity with rapidly increasing data transfer needs. The transfer rates vary from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps, depending on the users’ needs.

“We believe the people in the municipal community will find that the new, now adopted technology makes their work easier and thereby also improves their job satisfaction," says Sonera’s Kristina Honkanen, Vice President responsible for the Public Sector.

“The municipal residents will find that the migration to the new-generation technology improves the service provided for them by the municipal sector. The change will also simplify the operation of our municipal community in many ways: now we have one single supplier and one single agreement, which makes managing easier. We also have a uniform, scaleable service level agreement, a uniform pricing scheme and, above all, a cost-effective, reliable and well-functioning network”, says Mika Lyytikäinen, Head of Pohjois-Kymen Tieto.

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Kristina Honkanen, Vice President, Sonera, tel. +358 (0)40 302 2470, email:

Mika Lyytikäinen, Head of Pohjois-Kymen Tieto, tel. +358 400 349 900, email: