Sonera launches new iPhone price option

The My Sonera pricing scheme is now applicable to iPhone devices. In the future, customers can get the device for a cash price of 1 euro and pay a monthly charge for its use in accordance with the call package of their choice. The tailored iPhone packages, Small, Medium and Large, remain available, and the device can also be paid in full at the time of purchase.

The pricing schemes for iPhone will in the future include the My Sonera scheme. Both the 8GB and the 16GB handset will be available for a cash price of 1 euro and for the monthly charge of the selected call package. The pricing starts from €19.99 (iPhone 8G) and €23.99 (iPhone 16G) for eleven available call packages from 0 to 4000 minutes. Also a per-minute charge option is available. For data and Internet use, customers are recommended to complement their subscription with the data package that best meets their needs.

“The My Sonera scheme allows customers to tailor their subscriptions according to their particular needs. By extending this price option to our iPhone customers, we are improving our service as well as further expanding the most extensive subscription offering on the market,” explains Pasi Mehtonen, who is Vice President at Commercial Customer Management, TeliaSonera Mobility Services Finland.

Alongside the new pricing scheme, the cash payment option will remain available. The cash price for an iPhone is €429 for the 8GB device and €519 for the 16GB device. Also the tailored iPhone packages, Small, Medium and Large, are still available. The agreement period for an iPhone is always 24 months.

Call package prices attached.

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Vice President Pasi Mehtonen, Commercial Customer Management, Mobility Services Finland: e-mail:
Telephone: 040 7171370