Employer/employee negotiations in Sonera’s mobile services completed

Launched on January 15, the negotiations under the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings to adopt a new business model in the Mobility Services business area were brought to an end on February 29. As a result of the negotiations, Mobility Services will adopt a new business model as of March 1 and 123 employees will be transferred to the company’s Competence Pool.

The purpose of the new, more customer-driven and simplified business model is to respond more rapidly and efficiently to changing customer needs and changes in the marketplace. The new organization entering into force at the beginning of March will have a strong customer-focused unit operating under the business area to take care of the product and service offering, pricing, and customer communications as well as the customer-oriented steering of other functions such as sales, the Sonera Piste store chain, and customer service.

To support its new business model, TeliaSonera has created new positions with a broader scope and more responsibilities and also terminated positions in the old organization. As a result of this, 123 employees will be transferred to the company’s Competence Pool. During the negotiations, 9 employees have already found new positions internally or externally. The total number of terminated positions is 132.

The employees transferring to the Competence Pool mostly work in marketing and product management as well as customer service support functions. The majority of the positions to be terminated are located in Helsinki (59), Vaasa (33), and Lahti (17).

When launching the negotiations, TeliaSonera estimated that the new business model would result in the termination of 165 positions. At present, there are no ongoing employer/employee negotiations aiming at personnel reductions in Finland at TeliaSonera.

No dismissals thanks to the Competence Pool

According to the practice followed by TeliaSonera in Finland, holders of jobs to be terminated will not be dismissed. Instead, the company’s Competence Pool procedure will be applied in order to redeploy the employees.

The Competence Pool helps employees find new jobs both within and outside the company. Employees transferred to the pool can seek new jobs and redeployment for a time which exceeds the normal period of notice. According to the company, the model has proved very useful in changing circumstances. In 2007, the number of employees transferred to the Competence Pool was 277. Hundreds of vacancies were filled internally, and 80 of them from the Competence Pool. In addition, 438 new permanent employees were hired from outside the company. At present, there are 41 employees at the Competence Pool.