Sonera encourages to opt for the paperless invoice

Sonera’s customers can receive their invoices electronically at the online bank. The customer can also pay the invoice through the Omat Sivut service at Sonera’s web site or receive it by e-mail at his or her own mailbox. Paying invoices electronically is easy, and electronic payment helps to avoid mistakes, as customers need not type in the invoice details manually. Reduced usage of paper also saves the environment. Sonera’s paper invoices for broadband subscriptions become subject to a charge on April 1, 2008.

Sonera sends over 15 million invoices a year. Printed out, they equal about 36 million sheets or a total of 180 tons of paper. If all Sonera customers switched over to paperless invoices, the reduced paper usage and transportation of invoices would cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,100 tons, which corresponds to about 5.5 million kilometres by car.
Sonera implements its e-invoice in accordance with Finvoice, a standardised method of transmitting electronic invoices developed jointly by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services and its member banks. A person receiving an electronic invoice views it at the online bank and decides whether it should be paid immediately or on the due date. All the details needed are found ready at the online bank. After payment, the invoices are securely stored in the archives of the online bank.

Electronic invoices are paid by the use of a virtual bar code. When the customer copies the bar code into an appropriate field, all the invoice details are automatically transferred to the online bank so that there is no need to type them in manually.

Paper invoice for broadband becomes subject to a charge – electronic invoice free of charge

As of April 1, 2008, paper invoices for Sonera’s broadband will cost €1.00/each, whereas electronic invoices will be free of charge in future also.

“We think it will be very natural for our broadband customers to switch over to electronic invoices, as they already have Sonera’s Internet services at their disposal. Already, tens of thousands of our customers have opted for the paperless invoice. In this respect, our broadband customers are forerunners in the use of electronic services,” says Tuomas Sederholm, head of Customer Experience at TeliaSonera’s Broadband Services.

Further information:
Tuomas Sederholm, Vice President, TeliaSonera, Broadband Services Finland, Customer Experience
Tel. +358 40 302 2006

Juha-Pekka Weckström, Senior Vice President, TeliaSonera, Broadband Services Finland
Tel.: +358 400 564 754