Sonera launches new security service for businesses against distributed denial-of-service attacks

Sonera launches the Sonera DDos Protection information security service which detects and prevents distributed denial-of-service attacks against Internet services before they reach the customer’s Internet connection, LAN or servers. The new service is cutting edge in the industry and the only one of its kind on the Finnish and Swedish markets. The service is suitable for both businesses and public sector entities, and it is available either as a continuous service at a fixed monthly charge or as a separate cleaning project.

By filtering exceptional traffic flows outside the customer network, the service ensures that the customer’s activities can continue in situations of attack. Thus, it prevents overloading of the customer network equipment. The new information security service does not stop the traffic altogether. Instead, it is based on traffic filtering and, consequently, allows continued use of Internet services and, for instance, e-mail, also during attacks.

A filtering profile is created on the basis of a customer traffic analysis and filtering according to the analysis is started as soon as Sonera’s control system detects an attack or a traffic peak. If needed, the filtering profile is changed according to the results of the attack analysis.

The costs of the service are low compared to, for instance, the costs and service outages following the unavailability of an Internet connection. The service functions in Sonera’s backbone network and therefore the technology costs are not directed to the individual customers.

”The new service enables the customers to significantly supplement their information security. Denial-of-service attacks are a reality, also in Finland, and internationally this type of information security crime is growing fast. The new service provides a new security layer against these threats as it transfers the filtering to Sonera’s backbone network, outside the customer’s own LAN,” says Product Area Manager Aki Levänen, TeliaSonera.

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