Sonera unveils next-generation business e-mail security solution

The freshly released Sonera Clean Mail service provides companies of all sizes with advanced e-mail security meeting company needs and protecting them from viruses and spam. The service can be connected to companies’ e-mail services and there is no need to invest in equipment, since Sonera takes care of both maintenance and upgrades.

“The side-effects of IT – viruses and spam – both waste employee time and hurt business. E-mail is one of the most business-critical communications applications calling for optimal service performance, and thus companies place a high value on its security. Sonera Clean Mail provides today’s most advanced features for increased e-mail security,” explains Markku D. Järvinen, Vice President, Broadband Services Finland, TeliaSonera.

Previously, corporate e-mail security consisted of a number of stand-alone solutions. Today, Sonera Clean Mail provides an integrated service package complete with virus protection, sophisticated spam filters, user-friendly e-mail encryption, and user-specific rule set management.

Clean Mail removes viruses and malware from incoming messages with the help of multilevel checks and up-to-the-minute technologies.

Clean Mail is available to business customers in two service levels, Base and Premium. The Premium level allows the service to be modified. The messages are checked for viruses by two applications, and suspect junk mail is stored in quarantine for later user review.

The available supplementary features include reports, virus checks for outgoing mail, user authentication, adult entertainment image filters, and company-specific bars.

Clean Mail replaces Sonera Spam Filtering and Antivirus Lite; the users subscribing to these two services will be moved onto the new platform starting from this spring. The solution is also compatible with Sonera’s Hosted Mail and Business Mail services.

For further information, journalists can contact:
Product Manager Tommi Vänninen, +358(0)400 291050