Telia Company’s Annual General Meeting on April 2, 2020

Today’s Annual General Meeting of Telia Company AB (publ) decided the following:

The Annual General Meeting approved the income statement and balance sheet, as well as discharged all the members of the Board of Directors for 2019 and the CEO and previous President Johan Dennelind and the acting CEO and President Christian Luiga from liability for 2019.

The Annual General Meeting decided upon a dividend to shareholders of SEK 1.80 per share and that the payment should be distributed in two tranches of SEK 0.90 each. April 6, 2020, and October 23, 2020, were decided as the record dates for the dividend. With these record dates, it is estimated that the dividend will be sent out from Euroclear Sweden on April 9, 2020, and on October 28, 2020.

The Board members Rickard Gustafson, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Nina Linander, Jimmy Maymann, Anna Settman, Olaf Swantee and Martin Tivéus were re-elected. Ingrid Bonde and Jeanette Jäger were elected as new Board members. Further, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer was re-elected Chair of the Board and Ingrid Bonde was elected Vice-Chair of the Board.

The general meeting decided on the following remuneration to the directors (all unchanged since 2019): SEK 1,825,000 to the chair, SEK 860,000 to the vice-chair and SEK 610,000 to each other director elected at the annual general meeting. The chair of the Board of Directors’ Audit and Responsible Business Committee will receive remuneration of SEK 275,000 and other members of the Audit and Responsible Business Committee will receive SEK 150,000 each, the chair of the Board of Directors’ Remuneration Committee will receive SEK 70,000 and other members of the Remuneration Committee will receive SEK 50,000 each.

It was decided that the company shall have a registered accounting firm as auditor, and Deloitte AB was elected as auditor until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2021. Remuneration to the auditors shall be paid as per approved invoice.

Daniel Kristiansson (Swedish State), Jan Andersson (Swedbank Robur Funds), Patricia Hedelius (AMF Insurance and AMF Funds) and Javiera Ragnartz (SEB Funds) were elected to the Nomination Committee.

The Annual General Meeting decided to approve the Board of Directors’ proposal regarding guidelines for remuneration to the Group Executive Management and to implement a long-term incentive program 2020/2023. The Annual General Meeting also decided to approve transfer of own shares to the participants.

The Annual General Meeting authorized the Board of Directors to decide on repurchase of own shares on one or more occasions before the Annual General Meeting 2021 on Nasdaq Stockholm and/or Nasdaq Helsinki, whereby a maximum of shares may be repurchased so that the company's holding at any time does not exceed 10 percent of all shares in the company. The Annual General Meeting also authorized the Board of Directors to decide on transfer of own shares which have been repurchased by the company.

The Board of Directors’ proposal to reduce the share capital by way of cancellation of own shares and to increase the share capital by way of bonus issue was approved by the Annual General Meeting.

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