5G - enabling the future

Telia Company is always aiming at being in the forefront of new technology that can contribute to enhance the customer experience and ensure that our customers have the best network. We were early on launching 4G and we will continue our pioneering heritage with 5G and be the first in Europe to bring 5G to customers.

5G represents a new paradigm in connectivity, whereas 4G can be seen as an evolution on 3G services, giving you more speed. The 5G network is complete redesign of telecoms infrastructure delivers connectivity in a much more customizable and individualized way, given the needs to each device and service that is connected to the network. The lower latency opens up a completely new world of possibilities when it comes to things such VR, AR and other real time services.

We believe that  5G - the next generation mobile network technology- will be a true game-changer and a vibrant ecosystem where we work with our partners and customers to make tomorrow’s services come alive. It is part of our core business but also a way to pave the way for innovation, new services and applications based on customer demands.

5G makes new things possible

For Telia Company 5G is all about being able to meet our customer’s needs and demands in the digitalized and connected society. With 5G,we will be able to support totally new mobile user behaviour and services, serve our customers with substantially higher data rates and lower latency than 4G, serve many more users in dense areas and locations, e.g. areas, with much larger data volumes per user. We will also be able to achieve much wider coverage and be able to serve our customers with data rates similar to 4G over very large areas and to handle big volumes of data in our mobile networks in a much more cost effective way than today.

As an operator we will achieve an extremely energy efficient network, securing our operation to be sound both from a financial and environmental perspective.

5G will also enable completely new innovations, ecosystems and great services not only for consumers, but also for digitalization of industries as more and more industries tap into the value of digitalization and connectivity. Consumers will note the difference mainly when using capacity- demanding services like HD Voice, and video on demand or streaming services.

In earlier generations of mobile networks, you typically rolled-out technology and networks first and then waited for applications, devices and usage. With 5G, we are starting at the other end by developing use cases based on the customer and market needs that will drive the 5G development.

Telia Company has identified the following use case-areas where 5G will make new things possible that can’t be done with todays’ mobile technology and 4G:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband with improved coverage, capacity and customer experience. Broadband access everywhere would for f example make it possible to enjoy HD videos everywhere or access broadband in a football stadium with 20 000 people.
  • New opportunities with low latency and higher mobility, for example Mobile Broadband in high-speed trains, high-quality gaming experience or car-collision avoidance
  • Supporting society with advanced communication solutions for ultra reliable communications such as self-driving cars, blue-light authorities communication
  • Verticals* and Internet of Things, for example e-health with remote monitoring or remote treatment, steering of industry processes to enhance productivity, massivee IoT meaning a massive number of low cost sensors for water and gas, intelligent farming etc.

* A vertical market is one where businesses and marketers cater to the needs of a specific group of people within an industry, for example health care

On a journey towards 5G

While the standardisation and the development of 5G is still ongoing, it is too early to talk about a commercial launch. We will launch 5G in our networks and services when the technology is ready and brings something new to our customers that meets their need.

On the journey towards 5G, the existing and development of 4G technology, Narrow band IoT etc. brings a lot of new opportunities for enhancing the customer experience and new services both for customers and society until 5G is fully developed.

In order to continue our pioneering heritage and be the first in Europe to bring 5G to customers we actively have been driving  industry standardization and development work in 3GPP and GSMA forward from an early stage. This is also why we have signed Memory of Understandings with Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei:

  • In January 2016, we announced to be the first in Europe to launch 5G network with Ericsson in Stockholm and Tallinn - two of the most connected cities in the world- by 2018.
  • In October 2016  we performed the first field trial in Europe with Ericsson , demonstrating record-breaking  5G capabilities on speed and latency in a real world environment over a live network
  • In November 2016, we announced that Telia Company will bring 5G to Helsinki with Nokia during 2018 by presenting5G services for Telia customers in the Helsinki area.