IoT 101

It's all in the box. A fully integrated sensor pack with built in connectivity. Just plug in and go.

Create a great environment
Monitor temperature and humidity in your warehouse, vehicle, factory, boat – anywhere that matters.  So you can take action before you have a problem.

Protect your assets
Track & trace assets on the move or geofence the ones that shouldn’t. 

Automate – when it makes sense
Set rules so that relay ports trigger systems like ventilation and lighting. But only when sensors tell them they need to.

Stay in the loop
Define what you want to know in the rule-engine – anything from someone being in the room to the washing machine cycle ending – and get an alert when it happens. 

Real data in real time. 
Data is the new oil in IoT. Monitor yours from anywhere via the web portal. Or download reports and start turning small data into big data. 

Build a new business model
With open API integration, IoT 101 is the starting point for great things. Get into it!



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