“We know that simplicity and accessibility are important for our customers and the all-in-one-solution of wifi together with smart services will be an important tool in living up to our customers high demands”

- Per Ovrén, Head of Business Development & Purchasing at Bilia.

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“The cooperation with Telia takes us further forward in improving the service to our customers. We consider this as the first step in an exciting cooperation, where we use the possibilities of digitalization and simplify the lives of our customers”

- Maria Sandström Anderson at Bilprovningen.

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Köra Säkert, the first connected insurance from Folksam that caters to all car insurance customers, is launched! Köra Säkert is a service that helps the driver to keep the speed limit and thereby save the environment, lives and moreover lower their car insurance cost.

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The Viking service in Telia Sense will give you efficient roadside assistance and towing.
● Order roadside assistance digitally
● Follow your case in real time
● For a fixed cost

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With the EasyPark partner service in Telia Sense, you only pay for the exact time your car has been parked. You start your parking in the app and then Telia Sense will automatically terminate the parking when you leave the parking lot. “This is the first step towards a fully digitized parking experience for customers, which is now made possible since the cars now are getting connected. You only need to get Telia Sense to access connected services, which is much smarter than having to invest in a new car. Our collaboration with Telia Sense is about creating smart services and making them available to everyone.”

- Mauritz Börjeson, Chief Business Development Officer EasyPark

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Our ambition is to make our cloud fleet solution we provide to our customers even greener and more environmentally friendly. Real emission data is the very starting point for us to provide our customers with a knowledge of what and where to improve in order to reduce their CO2 carbon footprint and reduce fuel cost. Telia Sense is a great fit to the Ecofleet solution since it reads car data in real time and is very easy to install and get up and running. We can also leverage Telia Sense’s other features such as Car Wifi, alerts, engine fault code warnings and more”

- Stig Lyngsie, COO and co-founder, Ecofleet

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