Telia Talk: Using Data for Social Good

The smart and connected society can get even smarter, greener and more sustainable when we analyze available data. But when data quickly is turning into the world’s most valuable resource – how do we act responsibly, mitigating the risks and securing data privacy?


Kristofer Ågren, Head of Data Insights, Division X, Telia Company
Kristofer is an experienced leader and evangelist in the analytics space. Prior to joining Telia he held commercial, analytics & technology positions in various consulting houses, start-ups, scale-ups and corporates both in Europe and the US. Kristofer will share how Telia works with the data available through our extensive network, such as Crowd Insights. When we get insights on how crowds move, where they come from and go to, we can make smarter decisions and help optimize everything from public transport to city planning and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Dr. Fredrik Törn, Head of Insight and Analytics, Coop Sweden
Dr. Fredrik Törn is Head of Insight and Analytics in Coop Sweden, where he leads teams of analysts working on consumer research, customer behavior and CRM analytics. Coop's sustainability efforts garnered its designation as Sweden's most sustainable brand by the Sustainability Brand Index this year.

Erki Saluveer, CEO, Positium
Positium is an Estonian company transforming mobile positioning data into aggregated, meaningful information about the location and movement flows of people. Erki will share their experiences in using mobile data for better transportation network planning in Estonia, for cross-border tourism measurement for the regional development of border regions in Indonesia and combining mobility flows from mobile data with tuberculosis prevalence data for more efficient vaccination efforts in India.

Maja Brisvall, CEO and Co-founder, Quantified Planet
Quantified Planet is a visionary non profit organization, leading and creating access to and exploration of real time open data. They collect and explore data about the health of people, cities and our planet to advance the United Nation's Global Goals.

Moderator: Stephanie Huf, Head of Marketing, Division X, Telia Company
Stephanie’s team works across Telia’s emerging businesses including Enterprise and Public IoT, Digital Acceleration, Data Insights, Digital Markets and the Purple + innovation hub. She has more than 22 years’ experience in telecoms across the world. In 2014, Stephanie was presented with the CMO Asia Women Leader Award for ICT development, in recognition of her contribution to Ericsson’s responsible entry to Myanmar.