Telia Covid-19 mobility analysis

Data from Telia's mobile network show how movement patterns change as a result of the novel coronavirus. This dashboard shows how the number of trips in the Nordic countries have changed since the first week in February 2020.



 June numbers for Denmark have been revised downwards following quality assurance work of the Danish extrapolation algorithm compared to what has been shown in earlier dashboards. The upward trend for Denmark during June remains, but at lower levels following this revision.

As national authorities around the world take on the Covid-19 pandemic, they face the universal challenge of trying to make the best possible public health decisions - based on evidence and data. One measure taken everywhere is to stay in the area where you live and travel restrictions have been put in place to different extent. To be able to stay on top of how those restrictions are working out, national authorities across the Nordics and Estonia have been seeking up to date data about people’s travel patterns. And we have been able to support that through Telia Crowd Insights, a commercial service analyzing anonymized and aggregated mobile network data which provides a way to understand grouped movement behavior in society, such as travel patterns.

It is offered to municipalities and cities in a standardized package called Telia City Vitality Insights.
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Integrity first
All data is anonymized and aggregated automatically before use to protect personal privacy and can never be traced back to an individual. The only thing analyzed is movement patterns for groups, disconnected from individual and person.

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