Telia Division X

In our world, standing still means moving backwards

That’s why Telia Division X was formed. Our job is to build new businesses and markets to keep Telia moving forward. To do this, we combine Telia’s core capabilities with the agility and attitude of a start-up. We identify real customer value and apply the latest technologies to deliver it. Then we nurture it into a robust business that can stand on its own two feet.

Not everything we work with is brand new – for example we’ve been working with IoT for a long time – but everything we work with is fast moving. We are at the cutting edge of B2B, helping customers to digitalise their businesses with IoT and Data Insights. And we’re helping people to simplify their everyday lives – with digital healthcare and innovative digital services for smarter families, homes and cars. If you want to join us, check out the Telia job board and hold on for the ride.

Telia IoT

This is our largest business area - and when we say large, we’re not just talking about the 2 million home power meters we connect; we’re connecting buses, buildings, power grids and cities – from the Nordics to New York City.

Telia Data Insights

Data are just numbers – but insights are gold. We deliver crowd movement insights that let city planners, transport & tourism operators, and retail businesses gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Telia Digital Life

Digitalization should make life easier. That’s why we developed Telia Smart Family; it makes family organization easier – and your home smarter. But why stop there? We also developed Telia Sense to turn your car into a connected ecosystem.