Telia Ventures

About Us:

As the venture capital arm of Telia Company, we are looking for innovative ideas in consumer tech, enterprise software and network. We invest in Series A and B, with ticket size range from €1M to €5M, across Northern Europe and selected innovation hubs globally. We want to partner with teams that have ambitions and capabilities to elevate products, services and how we connect in society in a secure and sustainable way.


Aporeto (US)
Aporeto offers comprehensive cloud-native security for containers and microservices. Aporeto’s identity-based platform leverages both user and application identities to manage access to resources and cloud workloads across any infrastructure. The company was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2019.

Swappie (Finland)
Swappie is an online marketplace for buying and selling restored smartphones as sustainable alternatives to new phones. The company operates its own factory in Helsinki and sells refurbished phones across Europe.

Subspace (US)
Subspace builds a dedicated network for online multiplayer games. Subspace uses Internet quality metrics and proprietary algorithm to direct game traffic onto their platform in order to ensure stable and consistent network performance.

Iotcomms (Sweden)
Iotcomms has developed a serverless Communication Platform as a service (CPaaS) for real time audio and video communication. Iotcomms offers software and application developers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to add communication capabilities to their solutions.

Challengermode (Sweden)
Challengermode’s mission is to make esports accessible for all. Their esports platform provides automated tournament infrastructure across any device or console for all players from professional leagues to grassroot communities.

Volterra (US)
Volterra provides a distributed cloud platform to help enterprises deploy, connect and secure applications across multiple clouds and the edge. Volterra has built SaaS platforms for networking, zero-trust security and distributed application services and Volterra Global Network for end-to-end application delivery. The company was acquired by F5 Networks in 2021. 

Varjo (Finland)
Varjo makes human-eye resolution virtual and mixed reality products. Varjo’s products allow professionals to design and modify 3D models, train in realistic environments, and create limitless research scenarios in the most demanding industries.

Before the launch of Telia Ventures in 2018, Telia Company had invested in:

Spotify (Sweden)
Spotify is the global market leader in streaming service that has reshaped the music industry profoundly. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2018.

Zound Industries (Sweden)
Combining lifestyle and technology, Zound Industries offers headphones and speakers that have come to create a unique user experience.

Soundtrack Your Brand (Sweden)
Soundtrack Your Brand allows businesses to build their own soundtracks. The streaming subscription service offers an endless variety of genres and moods to create the right vibe for every business.

Unacast (Norway)
By analysing compliant and verified human mobility data, Unacast delivers data insights to various organizations. From driving business strategies to tracking infectious diseases, it’s all aligned for the shared benefit of the global community.

Ebuilder (Sweden)
eBuilder provides operators with smartphone status, user behavior data and predictive analytics that drive growth in sales.

Kivra Finland (Finland)
Part of Kivra Group, Kivra Finland is a secure, free and easy-to-use virtual mailbox service that allows customers to receive and pay their invoices, helping businesses to digitalize their operations and improve the customer experience.

Solidtango (Sweden)
Solidtango is a web-based sport-streaming platform for companies and private organizations. The platform, branded as Solidsport, distributes a wide range of different sport events.



Heikki Mäkijärvi, Head of Telia Ventures